10 Parasailing Sites in Florida

One of the latest outdoor sports on the planet today is parasailing. Parasailing takes the parasailor into the skies by hoisting him up with the use of a towrope and a certain mode of transportation. This, much like bungee jumping, hang gliding, snowboarding, and all those other adrenaline-driven sports offers fun and excitement while putting the risks on the sidelines. And the greatest thing about parasailing is being able to get a bird’s eye view of things from up in the air.

The most common location for parasailing is the beach. This may be because there is more space on the beaches (thus there is more landing area), fresher air, and breathtaking sceneries that can’t be found at any other location. And where else in the world could we find pristine beaches coupled with the nicest theme parks just waiting nearby, but Florida.

The state of Florida offers major vacation packages for couples and families. Aside from the major attractions such as Universal Studios and Disneyland; golf vacations and resorts; there are now major sports that are being fused with family vacations. You could enjoy jet skiing, kayaking, and other major water sports and one of them is, of course, parasailing.

The sunshine state has major beaches and resorts that offer parasailing. The following is a shortlist of the major locations in Florida where parasailing is being offered:

1. Brandenton beach in Anna Maria Island

2. Daytona Beach

3. Clearwater Beach

4. There are also several beaches in Naples that offer this water sport together with other attractions such as golf courses and the Naples Zoo.

5. Sunny Isle Beach

6. Sirata Beach

7. Saint Pete Beach

8. Beaches on Marco Island

9. Boucher Brothers found in Miami Beach

10. The Key West

There are several websites that offer great parasailing experiences in Florida. Be sure to check out the following:

The sunshine state isn’t called that for no reason at all. It is a great place that offers great experiences and great memories. Where else would a parasailing enthusiast build his memories but at the best possible place there is? So take out your parasail, harness, towrope, and all the necessary equipment and set off to the sunny beaches of Florida for that maximum experience.