How Can You Catch Up Your Email

If every time you open your email inbox you find yourself resisting the urge to scream, it is time you learn how to get your inbox organized. With spam, newsletter subscriptions, and fifteen emails from your Aunt Hazel, it can be difficult to keep your sanity. Thankfully for you, there are some great ways that can help you keep your sanity while checking your email. Believe it or not, getting your inbox organized can save you not only a great deal of time, but it can also save you frustration and stress as well. The following are some tips that can help you take control of your email inbox.

The Delete Button is Your Friend

One of the most simple and effective things that you can do to get your email inbox more organized is to start using the delete button. It may be tempting to keep all of those emails, but anything that you do not need should be deleted. If you fail to delete email messages you will end up having to sort through hundreds and maybe even thousands of old messages to find what you want. Using the delete button can permanently get rid of the email that you do not need to have in your box, and will leave your inbox cleaner and much easier to deal with.

Dealing with Spam

Another thing that can help you get in control of your email inbox is to start dealing with spam. Deleting spam is great, but you may need to take more action than just deleting it. Some email programs will allow you to mark emails as spam so you will no longer have them delivered to your inbox, but to a junk mail folder. Other programs may allow you to filter your email so that spam does not come to your inbox and you can check the spam folder to make sure that nothing important ended up in it. If you eliminate the spam from your inbox, you can save a great deal of time, since you will no longer have to deal with it.