The Essential Guide to Selecting a Wedding Favor

Giving out wedding favors is an excellent way for couples to show their appreciation to the guests who attended their wedding. These small gifts should be selected to be meaningful and meant to be a cherished memento of the wedding day for the guests. However, many couples have a great deal of trouble selecting favors for their wedding. This article will provide some tips on selecting wedding favors.

First couples should carefully consider the theme for their wedding. This is important because selecting a wedding favor that coordinates with the theme can help to tie the theme together. Additionally, a wedding favor that relates to the theme of the wedding will help wedding guests to remember details of the wedding more accurately because the favors will serve as a visual cue to the memories of the wedding day.

Next, they should consider the budget they have set for purchasing favors for their guests. In general, the cost of favors is not very expensive. However, when you consider you must purchase one for each guest, or couple, attending the wedding the cost can quickly add up. Even if the cost of the favors is only $3 per favor a wedding with three hundred guests would need a budget of $900 to accommodate these favors. However, couples who have a shorter guest list may be able to purchase more expensive favors for their guests.

When selecting favors it is important to carefully consider how the favor will be received by the guests. This is important because the couple wants to give a gift which will be well-received. The favor they select should have some value to the guests. This may mean the favor is something useful or the favor is something that will be cherished by the guest in some other way.

Finally, couples will have to consider whether the favors they select come wrapped or whether the couple will have to wrap these favors themselves. This is an important consideration because wrapping hundreds of favors just weeks or even days before the wedding can be very time-consuming, tedious, and stressful. For some couples, the decision between one favor and another is sometimes made based on whether the favors come pre-wrapped just because the couple realizes this is not a task they will want to take on right before the wedding day.

Shopping for wedding favors can seem tedious at times. Whether the couple visits traditional stores or shops online they will likely see many options for wedding favors and after a while it can be very difficult to remember which favors they really liked or didn’t like. It can also be difficult to remember per unit prices, wrapping options, and details associated with the wedding favors. For this reason, we recommend taking notes on each favor the couple is seriously considering and even taking snapshots or printing pictures, if shopping online, to make comparisons much easier. Then once the couple has a chance to compile the information they need to make a decision, they should wait a day or two before making the final decision. Taking this break between the time the couple comparison shops and the time when they make the actual decision will give them the chance to consider everything involved and make the best possible decision. It is far too easy to rush to make a decision and wind up regretting the decision.