Email Marketing: What You Need To Know

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with existing customers, develop relationships with new customers, and do it all for much less than it would cost to do a traditional offline direct mail campaign. In order to get the most out of your email marketing efforts, you will need to have the best email marketing service available.

There are a lot of different email marketing service providers. Some will handle the sending of the emails and the opt-in forms while others will even assist in developing your overall email marketing strategy and with writing your follow-up messages. The type of service you choose to use for your business will depend on many factors, not the least of which will be price.

To get your website visitors to give you permission to send them emails, they will need to opt in to your list. This is accomplished by adding a simple opt-in form to your website. You don’t need any technical knowledge at all to do this. It is simply a matter of point and click to create the form and then copying and pasting the form to your website.

This form will be tied directly into your autoresponder so once someone gives permission for you to contact them by email, the email series will start. You can add as many follow-up messages as you want to your autoresponder. No matter how many you add they will go out one after one in the exact same order you set them up to go out.

They can go out daily, weekly, monthly, or any combination thereof. You can even add a broadcast message that will go out all on its own regardless of the order. This is great if you have something special you want to communicate with your list about. It could be a sale or a new product.

To get the most out of all your email marketing, you must give the people on your list something of value. If you help them they will trust you and eventually buy from you.

If you don’t want all your hard work and effort wasted then don’t abuse the list. If all you do is send the people on your list a bunch of come on’s to buy one product or another you will find that they stop opening your emails at all. At the bottom of every single email, you send is a button that they can click if they want to unsubscribe from your list. You don’t want them doing that so give them what they want.

To be honest, finding the best email marketing service is not your biggest challenge. Keeping the people on your list satisfied, so they buy from you and/or don’t unsubscribe. It really isn’t all that hard, just remember they are turning to you for help and advice. They see you as an expert who can help them. If you want to keep them happy do just that, help them. That way they will be happy, they will buy from you, and you will be happy too. Everyone wins!