Select the Perfect Wallpaper for Your Wall

If you’re looking for a unique way to express your individual taste and personality there is no better way to decorate than by using wallpaper. You can take a simple room and make it look stunning and completely different in just a few short hours. You can wallpaper an entire room, or just a portion of the room, in a way that alters the entire atmosphere of the room.

When you use wallpaper you can also hide the conditions of existing walls that have cracks or other flaws. Wallpaper can take a room from boring to spectacular in a way that paint and other decorating techniques can’t do. Wallpaper can make a room look bigger or smaller, which is another way that you can change the functionality of the room.

Different kinds of wallpapers can give different effects. Therefore, before starting out on a wallpaper buying trip it is important to decide the type of wallpaper that would suit your walls.

If you’re decorating a small room that you want to give the feel of being larger you should pick a wallpaper that has small designs or prints on it. For instance, if you’re decorating your bathroom you might want to pick a pattern that has small pansies. This will make your small bathroom seem much larger than it actually is. Another technique for making rooms seem larger than they are is to use lighter colors rather than dark colors.

Using large designs and prints in the wallpaper will make a room seem smaller and much cozier. Dark colors will make space seem smaller than it is so if your goal is to make a large room, such as your basement family room, appear to be bigger you’ll want to choose a wallpaper that is dark.

With wallpaper, you can also make adjustments in the perspective of your room. For example, if you are choosing wallpaper for a room that has a low ceiling, and you want to create the opposite illusion than you should choose a wallpaper that has either stripes or pattern that flows in vertical lines from top to bottom. Try it out to make your long and narrow rooms look much wider.

Remember that colors greatly influence the atmosphere. If you’d like a room to seem warmer, choose wallpaper with warm colors like amber, gold, brick, and soft reds. In other words, you want earth tones.

Vice versa in a warm climate your requirement is to make the room look cooler. This is also the requirement in rooms that are heated up by direct sunlight. Here you should pick up colors that are reflective of a cool atmosphere such as shades of green and blue.

Hanging wallpaper isn’t difficult and isn’t too costly either. It’s a wonderful tool if you’re renovating or changing a whole look. There are many choices in wallpaper types. Choosing patterns and colors will depend on your own preferences and the intended look and use of the room. Any room can be wallpapered. Just take into account that rooms such as bathrooms, which have a lot of moisture, will require a wallpaper made especially for those conditions.