How to Make a Robust Workbench to Suit Your Needs

There are a lot of people who are interested in amateur carpentry and wood carving. The most common site of activities for these people is the garage. But wherever they may have set up their workshop, the tools seem to pose a lot of problems when they clutter and occupy a considerable space. That is why it is very important to set up a work-bench which is organized and space-saving.

When a workbench is set up in a garage then it saves a lot of space. A workbench consists of an array of tools and instruments that help in curving the woods and create various items with their help. Although fully furnished workbenches are easily available in the market, it is always very exciting to set up one’s own and enjoy creating new things with them.

The article is an endeavor to guide you on how to make a robust workbench that would suit all your needs.

Ingredients required for a workbench are:

– A 16 feet long maple wood strip

– Wood planks of 2’/4′ dimension.

– Sheets of hardboard to make drawer bottoms

– Pine boards

– Maple plywood of 8’/4′ dimension and of 3/4 thicknesses.

– Screws

– Drilling machine

– Circular saw

– Screwdriver

– Polyurethane glue and varnish

1. The maple wood plank should be attached to the wall studs first. A level can be used to ensure the proper positioning of the plank. The plank must be fitted about 3.5 feet above the ground with 2.5″ screws. It should be always kept in mind that the garage is to house a car and so the workbench should not eat up a lot of space.

2. Next the shelf brackets should be fixed with the strip of wood using 1.5″ screws. The uppermost bracket must be in level with the top of the upper strip. Another piece of plywood should then be fitted against the lower part of the bracket. Now the two strips of wood with rows of brackets, 2 feet away from each other make up a space-saving set of shelves.

3. Now 2’/2′ planks are to be cut out of the maple plywood. A plank should be fixed above the shelf bracket and the other should be screwed with the 2×4 strip of wood above. Next, the other plank has to be attached as well.

5. Now another plank of wood measuring 18 feet has to be fixed with the shelf and attached to the studs with screws.

6. The plank has to be attached with glues and screws in such a way so that it is strong and hardy and can endure considerable pressure.

Woodwork becomes much easy when it is done on a well-placed workbench. It also saves a lot of space and makes the work quite comfortable. But one should not be expected to build a perfect workbench at the first go. It is something that requires experience. A workbench with all its utility shows how hard work never fails.