Can a Business Prosper With Just 100 Dollars?

The internet has become a great advantage for many people wanting to start their own business as there are no longer heavy costs involved with starting an online business and one can easily be established for under $100.

Your Primary Costs for Any Online Business will probably be Your Domain Name and Hosting

The primary costs of an online business will probably be your domain name and hosting fees. Domain names can be bought relatively cheaply (under $20) and hosting fees can be decided bearing in your mind your budget. There are free hosts if you really cannot afford more, but it is generally better to go for a paid hosting service, and these start from only a few dollars.

It is understandable that when starting a new business you want to cut costs. However, always weigh the pros and cons. Some costs can be minimized but some can’t for reasons of quality.

There are Many Free, Yet Effective Ways to Promote Your Online Business

One of the greatest advantages of starting an online business on a tight budget is that, unlike many offline marketing methods, many online marketing methods are free but just as, if not more, effective than paid advertising. Search engine optimization, for example, is the best way to market your website and there are many free tutorials available on the internet which will help you to optimize your website yourself. Article marketing is another powerful but free marketing method. This means that you can have an effective marketing campaign for free.

Sourcing Products for Your Business is Free or Very Low Cost

There are a number of ways that you can source products for free or a low fee as well, depending on your budget and what you want to do. Many affiliate programs are free to join, so you can start promoting their products with just the cost of your domain name and host and get free products and free advertising. Drop-ship companies are another way of sourcing products for your business, they may have a membership fee to belong to them, but customers will pay you for the products before you pass the money on to the drop-ship company.

Payment Processors are Free and Take a Percentage after Sales

In general, the payment processors that you use will also be free to join and will just take their cut after you have made the sale and the money comes through. This means that there are no upfront costs associated with payment processors. If you decide to go for your own merchant account then it could become more costly, but this is not necessary, to begin with. Most websites use PayPal as their payment processor and this is free to join.

The internet has made it easy to start a successful online business for under $100 as your primary costs will probably be your domain name registration and hosting and this can cost only a few dollars, while many products, marketing methods, and payment processors can be got for free.