Back Pain: Causes You May Not Know

There are a lot of causes for back pain. Some of the most common are sprains, strains, pinched nerves, and muscle tears. These are not just caused by muscle strain or tension, but by overuse or trauma.

The majority of these causes may not be serious, but they can aggravate an already painful condition and lead to additional back problems down the road. You should see your doctor to determine what, if any, treatment is needed.

One of the most common treatments for back pain is exercise. A variety of exercises can help relieve pain. Avoiding activities that cause more pain or pushing past it is not always possible, but certain activities can help. For example, specific exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles surrounding the back.

Massage therapy is another way to treat pain. Many people suffer from back pain when they have a heart attack or stroke. Massage therapy helps by lubricating the blood vessels and improving circulation.

There are certain types of arthritis that may cause pain in the lower back. In most cases, this is pain from inflammation in the spine. This type of pain is generally more acute and needs immediate treatment.

If you have a weak back, you may suffer from a condition called the sciatic nerve. This is pain felt on the outside of the leg near the knee.

Another cause of back pain is trigger point syndrome. Trigger point syndrome is basically a pain in the lower back. The nerve damage that occurs in this condition can be especially painful.

As a result of muscle injury, there is often swelling and redness in the lower back. This is caused by inflammation. While swelling may feel like a small lump, it is actually a piece of scar tissue.

A condition called lumbar stenosis, commonly known as a slipped disc, can also lead to back pain. This is usually caused by a herniated disc. It may also be caused by spinal degeneration, which is a gradual narrowing of the spinal column.

Other causes of pain in the lower back include degenerative disc or a bulging disc. Muscle strains slipped disks, or spinal stenosis can also cause pain.

Back pain has been proven to be a major factor in chronic pain. Finding relief from back pain can be difficult, but it is possible to get back the life you once knew.