7 Quick Summer Pasta Recipes That Work All Year

Today I am sharing my 7 simple pasta recipes that will awe your family and friends as they savor these Italian dishes. These recipes tend to be ‘lighter’ sauces that seem more enjoyable on summer evenings. Although, they taste delicious all year round.

Dining for one or two?

You can make it a small serving for yourself by using only a quarter of the portions listed in the recipe, or dinner for two with half portions. But, there is alwasy the option to make the complete recipe and have leftovers. This starts with the simple ‘Aglio e Olio’ and gives you multiple culinary flavor varieties with different pastas and flavorful ingredients.

Spaghetti con Aglio e Olio

A quick easy, yet flavorful, spaghetti recipe. This is one of my favorites and you can embellish it if you choose by adding any of the following items: whole or minced clams, calamari (squid), cooked bacon, or ham pieces. More variation can be had by using linguine, fettucine, or angel hair pasta. If you are a purist you can leave out the spices and just go with the garlic and olive oil (extra virgin olive oil is best for this recipe.)

Garlic Parmesan Pasta

Easy pasta dish that can be made in a single pot. Everything, including the pasta, gets cooked in that one pot. This is similar to and Alfredo sauce, but much ligher as it doesn’t have the heavy cream or cream cheese. Takes about 2 minutes longer than just cooking the pasta. This recipe uses fettucine, but you should try it with linguine, spaghetti, or cappellini for some variety. And, don’t forget to add shrimp, calamari, or clams for more variety in this simple recipe.

Simple Spaghetti Carbonara

A bit more involved, but still a simple recipe that tastes delicious. This recipe includes several pasta variations as well as meat variations. This is the way I learned to make Spaghetti Carbonara in Italy, and it always reminds me of sitting on the patio overlooking the bay in Sardinia… Create your own memories while enjoying Spaghetti Carbonara with family and friends.

Burst Cherry Tomato Pasta

This summery cheery looking pasta dish takes about 15 minutes to prepare, but that can be your secret. And, it tastes so good your family and guests will become admirers of your culinary skills. This seems best with a ‘tube pasta’, so depending on your local supermarket you can use campanelle, large or small penne, rigatoni, or any other tube pasta that you can buy.

Mushroom Carbonara

This is an interesting variation on the traditional Carbonara recipe that uses mushrooms rather than the usual pork. And, adds fun using Orecchiette pasta (“little ears”).
It takes a bit longer to prepare, about 30 minutes. But, the extra time is worth the result of this vegetarian pasta with a deep flavor, but stll resembling traditional Carbonara. And, the kids seem to like the Orecchiette pasta which is alwaya a plus.

Broccoli Bolgnese with Orecchiette

Another happy pasta dish using Orecchiette… Combining sausage with broccoli in this dish with the interesting pasta make this quick and easy dish a family favorite. Even the kids like broccoli in this pasta presentation. You can also try this with pasta shells or rotini to create your personal favorite italian dish. Cooking good Italian food has never been this much fun.

Summer Bolognese

A summertime favorite, this is quick and easy and adds chicken to a non-traditional and lighter version of the basic Bolognese sauce. But, it still tastes great while being easy to prepare. While this recipe calls for ground chicken or turkey, you could easily substite ground beef or Italian sausage for additional flavor variations on this recipe. You could also use shrimp, calamare, or clams for even different taste sensations.


You now have 7 light sauce pasta recipes to make delicious and different meals for family and friends, along with several variations to stave off boredom in these light tastes.