Taking Paid Surveys: A Way to Supplement Other Income

There are many ads that say Free Paid Surveys, Get Paid to take Surveys, Take Online Surveys for CASH and it is common for most people to wonder whether these claims are true or not. Are paid surveys for real and can one earn money from them or are they just scams? You may be surprised to know that it is possible to earn money from taking paid surveys. The number of companies that offer paid surveys is staggering and one can take paid surveys alone or in focus groups or even test products. The market research companies are paid by large corporations to find out the opinions of the public concerning their products and want to know if their campaigns for advertising are working and what is the feedback from the ordinary person regarding their products.

Helps Large Corporations

Taking paid surveys is one way to help large corporations who spend billions each year on advertising and who find that for the price of a few dollars a person’s opinion would help them save plenty of money by acting on the feedback positively. The need to find out what the ordinary person thinks or feels about their products is the reason why they send out surveys and people are taking paid surveys and making money too.

However, certain misconceptions regarding taking paid surveys exist as there are many companies claiming that one can even earn $250 per hour taking paid surveys but the average is about $2 and $20, though focus groups are able to earn those sums. The paid survey sites are also many and there are paid survey directories as well as databases and also many paid survey companies.

Keep in mind that if the reason for taking paid surveys is to generate a full-time income then paid surveys may not be the right choice and even though one can make good money taking paid surveys it will most probably not be enough to make one rich. It is, however, fine to make additional money as a supplement to normal income and does not require much effort or time. A good course of action is to join as many survey companies as possible and then start taking paid surveys from them and this would increase the chances of earning more money. There are some screener questions that are asked to ascertain that the profile fits the survey and only if it does can one proceed in taking paid surveys.