The Beginner’s Guide to Earn Money with Private Label Articles

Private label articles can open up a world of opportunity, one that enables another income. How to actually use private label articles combined with the potential income opportunities of marketing with them, online and off, with are almost endless. So you can review a few popular means of income generation with them here and then find out where to go for more information.

1) Package a bunch of your private label articles together and make short reports out of them. Then head to eBay and surf any competition in your niche to see what reports sell for there. Auction yours off, and earn income. Have them branded and selling products and services inside – either your own or through affiliate links – and earn even more on backend sales.

2) Create a viral marketing campaign starting with your private label articles. Simply publish a bunch together in eBook form. Revise content as needed, add your own classified ads within, affiliate links that have two-tier programs, affiliate links to your products, banners linked to your opt-in form, etc. Then bundle with a branding tool. Sell or give away the bundle to people who opt-in to your list, inviting them to re-brand the eBook and give it away to their own subscribers to earn income, too off of the second tier of the affiliate program and off of your affiliate program.

3) Revise your private label articles and use them to set up niche content sites. One of the easiest, fastest ways is to start with a blog, like a WordPress blog. Use your private label articles as posts, tweaking each to make it unique and adding your own goodies to the mix like tips for your readers, fun facts, digital photos, etc. Activate the RSS feed on your blog and add your RSS link to RSS directories. The ad marketing to your blog and private label articles: Google – Adsense, banners and text ads, affiliate links, images linked to your product and service sales pages, and more.

4) Send out a regular ezine that features your private label articles for all your marketing methods. Invite people to subscribe in your signature file of your emails, blog posts, forum posts, and online with forms. In your article bylines, add a link or affiliate to a page that hosts a product you want to sell.

5) Teach your website visitors with your private label articles. Add portions of their content to a PowerPoint presentation and insert graphs and other images to teach your points. Package entire articles together for further training and sell as training guides to accompany your presentation. Take this another step further and read the training guide while recording your voice. Then package with the audio file (MP3s are very popular right now to use in the car and while exercising.)

This is only the start of how to generate another income with private label articles. Discover more and see how you can benefit by learning more, earning more!