3 Tips that Will Help You Earn a Good Commission

Many of the affiliate marketers always try searching for new ways and methods to get big checks from affiliate marketing. They always think that there are magical ways to make them earn a commission from affiliate marketing, and they think that everything is ready for them. The truth is, there are no easier way and secret path for them to succeed in affiliate marketing. They only way that they can do is changed their attitude and mindset.

Nothing else.

But, Oh yes, the technology has changed and also the techniques in affiliate marketing. In this article, I have given you the 3 top tips that will help you in your journey in affiliate marketing.

Here are 3 top tips that will help you earn a good commission. Repeat this process and you will see the result.

1. Always remember never send your prospect to the merchant page.

This is very important because you are not only selling the products or services but also to presale it. You must always make an honest review of that product and not biased. This method also will help you gain credibility and trusty from your customer

2. Always send your prospect to the squeeze page.

This will make them to fill the form about their information and particular details. This method will make you promote products or services over and over again.

They will only become a hot prospect when you send them to the merchant page, whereas there are eager and willing to take money from their wallet to make a purchase.

Yes, you are right, not everyone will fill out the form- I don’t care if you got a good squeeze page you will then get benefits and will give you maximum value.

You should think this way- if you just take people and send them to the merchant page that will give around 5 % which is around 100 people only 5 people will buy your products that you promote. But if you have a squeeze page, you will build a list that will make you sell over and over again.

BUT, don’t think that having a list will make you become successful internet marketers. You should have a responsive list that can be achieved by building a relationship with them not just promote your product or services. Give them quality content and quality information that they can use. This will make them stay longer on your list

There are also internet marketers successful with small list. This is because the list knows, respect, and trust all the product that have been promoting.

3. The question is how to drive traffic to my squeeze page? My advice is there are many ways that you can learn and implement in order to attract traffic to your squeeze page. Find the way that suits, it does not matter how you do-learn all that you can and achieve your dreams. Forum, article marketing, SEO, pay per clicks, JV, blog, social sites, and many more. Just pick one and learn about it. Never learn all at the same time because that will make you not focus.


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