Career Highlight: How Much Money Does a Massage Therapist Make?

When talking about massage therapy, one of the most common questions that people tend to ask, especially those who are planning of taking up massage therapy courses, is how much money does a massage therapist make? Well, the answer to this question may differ as there are a lot of different massage therapists to ask it. The massage therapists are basically the ones who do the massage for the benefit of their clients and of course themselves. They do the job for a living, but how much money does a massage therapist makes depends greatly on a number of factors that a massage therapist needs to consider.

But, what exactly are these factors that affect greatly the answer to the question of how much money does a massage therapist makes?

Well, it is common sense that the level of success that a massage therapist may attain depends greatly on the level of skills that the therapist possesses. His or her ambition in life may also be a factor, including the person’s personality and the place where he or she resides. All of these factors may alter the possible answer to the question of how much money does a massage therapist make? but beyond these factors is the notion that success in massage greatly depends on the kind of technique that the therapist has been practicing.

Massage therapists differ greatly in the areas of specialization. There are therapists out there who do massage for relaxation purposes, while there are others who do it for sport’s sake. Aside from that, many of the massage therapists today perform massage techniques clinically. Whatever the case may be, these differences in the specialization can be a determinant as to how much money does a massage therapist makes.

For example, many of those who have used massage for relaxation purposes receive lesser pays than those who work clinically. Most of them receive about $20 to $45 per hour. Well, as you may notice, the place where the therapist works could also be a great determining factor of how much money does a massage therapist makes. So, if we will consider those who deliver massage for themselves, we could think of average pay of $60 to $85 per massage. Those who work for someone may earn up to $25 to $45 per hour, while those who work on country clubs or massage spas, chances are they may earn an additional of about $10 to $20 per hour, just for the tips given by their customers.

The ability of the massage therapists to network their service, as well as their ability to market themselves may also pose certain effects on the level of money that the massage therapist may make. This is for the fact that many customers today got pleased with therapists who know how to deal with people, with different personalities, and this is what encourages most of the customers to leave bigger tips for the therapists. Well, that’s a good quality that therapists should possess to make a better living.

There are other determining factors of how much money does a massage therapist make, and the list would also include the therapist’s being prepared with the right tools needed for the treatment. So, before you ask someone how much money does a massage therapist make, consider first the skills and qualities that the therapists possess and form your judgment based on the information you’ve gathered.

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