A Beginner’s Guide to Earning Profits Using AdSense

Did you ever want to be a magazine publisher? Welcome to AdSense! Google has now made it possible for you to be an online magazine publisher with Google managing the advertising sales.

The way AdSense works is quite simple. First, you will sign up for a publisher’s account. At that point, you will get a welcome to AdSense email that will tell you everything you need to know about the program. You will be directed to log in to your own area and get a special piece of HTML code that you put on your site.

Then, you go and build your online magazine. Fill it with the content that interests you surfing, fishing, cooking, weddings, etc. As long as there are people passionate about a subject, there are companies that want to sell to them. So, building an online magazine around a subject you love can make a lot of money.

Figure out where you want to place your ads. You will find that you can use a variety of sizes of ads. Most serious AdSense publishers have tested the various ad sizes and have found that the large rectangle below the headline but above the story converts best. But, test it yourself. Put different size ads in different places and see what makes you the most money.

Consider modifying the colors of the ads (in the welcome to AdSense login screen NOT within the HTML on your site) to match the colors of your online magazine. That makes the ads seem more like an endorsed part of your site and not just advertisements cluttering up the page.

Ultimately, you will be most successful with AdSense if you can get a lot of people who are passionate about your subject to your website. Just as the size of the circulation in the offline magazine publishing business determines the cost of the ads, in the online magazine world, the number of visitors to your site will determine how much money you can potentially make.

Once you have published articles, don’t take them down. Instead, continually increase the number of pages in your magazine. That is because the more pages that have AdSense on them, the more likely that you will get the click.

Your welcome to AdSense email will direct you to the rules and regulations of the program. Pay close attention to these. You can lose your AdSense account and all the money in it if you do not follow the rules. One of the rules is that every site must have a privacy policy on it, so make sure you have a page that details what you do with any of the information you collect.

The internet has allowed people to start dream businesses from home. Just like YouTube allows anyone to be a short movie producer, AdSense makes it profitable for anyone to be an online magazine publisher.

Just make sure you read your welcome to AdSense email carefully as it will detail all the program’s policies.